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We’re here to shake things up!
One perfect, runny yolk at a time...
At Yo Egg, we're on a mission to become the largest and most sustainable egg producer in the world, without the use of chickens. We think that our first-of-their-kind, runny-yolk-like-you-wouldn't-believe products have the potential to change the egg industry, and we hope you'll come along with us on this very egg-citing and delicious journey.
How we came to be
Our co-founder Yosefa spent hundreds of hours developing Yo Eggs to get them exactly right. And at last, she cracked it: the perfect white and perfect yolk, together in one magnificent, eggy symphony and ready for any dish in need of the perfect plant-based poached egg.
Just wait ‘til you try it.
Yo Egg co-founder, Yosefa
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Is Yo Egg kosher?
Absolutely! Yo Egg is as kosher as matzo ball soup at a Passover Seder. We're certified and ready to be a part of your meals, no matter the occasion!
Are Yo Eggs gluten free?
Yes, indeed! Our Yo Eggs are as gluten-free as a cloud in the sky. Perfect for those looking to keep their meals gluten-free and delicious. Enjoy without worry!
Are Yo Eggs vegan?
Absolutely! Our Yo Eggs are as vegan as a kale smoothie at a yoga retreat. They're 100% plant-based, making them a perfect fit for your vegan lifestyle and culinary adventures. Enjoy the egg experience with none of the animal products!
Does Yo Egg contain allergens?
Yes. Soy. Just a heads-up for our soy-sensitive friends: Yo Egg does contain soy. It's the only allergen in our otherwise friendly nest. So, if soy's on your no-fly list, please take note!
Are Yo Eggs Non-GMO?
Not yet, but we're on a journey to get there!
What is Yo Egg made of?
It is made primarily of soy and chickpea. The full list of ingredients is: water, vegetable oil (sunflower and/or canola oil), soy protein, chickpea protein, 2% or less of: [potato starch, yeast, seaweed extract, beta carotene, paprika extract, calcium lactate, salt, potassium salt, lecithin, guar gum, xanthan gum, maltodextrin, methylcellulose, carob gum].
Do you have any other products?
Exciting news on the horizon! We're about to hatch two new additions to the Yo Egg family. First, an Egg Patty that's going to revolutionize your grab-n-go breakfast game. It's quick, convenient, and absolutely delicious. Second, we've got Hard Boiled Eggs in the works, ideal for topping off your salads, sandwiches, or just as a snack. Keep your eyes peeled for these tasty newcomers!
Can I buy Yo Eggs to make at home?
You'll soon be able to! We're whisking up plans to bring Yo Eggs right to your kitchen. Stay tuned and follow us on @yoeggfoods AND Sign up for our mailing list for all the sizzling updates on our retail launch. Get ready to crack open some plant-based deliciousness at home!
Where can I buy a Yo egg?
Just scramble over to our store locator on the website. It'll guide you to the nearest restaurant where you can savor our delicious Yo Egg creations. Get ready for a plant-based treat that's just around the corner!
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