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Plant-based Dishes
Yo Egg is revolutionizing plant-based cuisine in the foodservice industry with our suite of chef-designed products. Our lineup, featuring the innovative Sunnyside-Up with its perfect runny yolk, the flawless Poached Egg, versatile Hard Boiled Egg, convenient Egg Patty, and our foolproof Hollandaise Sauce, brings vibrancy and flavor to every dish. From sunny side up burgers and a full English breakfast to Eggs Benedict and quick breakfast sandwiches, our products ensure a gourmet experience and culinary convenience.

We're committed to innovation, quality, and taste, providing chefs with plant-based options that are not just alternatives, but the preferred choice for modern, health-conscious kitchens. Join the Yo Egg culinary revolution and transform every meal into an extraordinary plant-based experience.
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Yo Egg boxes
Yo Egg conference booth
Yo Egg products
Preparing Yo Eggs on a grill
Yo Egg boxes
Yo Egg conference booth
Yo Egg product boxes
Yo Egg products
Preparing Yo Eggs at a conference
Preparing Yo Eggs
Yo Egg boxes
Yo Egg conference booth
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The Perfect Yolk
Impossible to mess up with our eggs!
and all this is cholesterol-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, and sustainable.
No Cholesterol
Less Saturated Fat
Gluten free
Less Sodium
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Here are a number of guides to help you bring Yo's plant-based eggs easily into your restaurant!
Panagyurski Eggs
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Tomato & Peppers Shakshuka
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Vegan Carbonara
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Hard Boiled Egg Sandwich
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Croque Madame
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Scotch Egg
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The Sunny One
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The Poached One
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